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Aeon SWTOR Level Guide

To start off I’m a large fan of Star Wars Old Republic, mainly because of the great gameplay that this game provides. I get asked a lot of times if the Aeon guide is actually legit and if it helps leveling the characters. There is no

SWTOR level guide

doubt that the Aeon guide is one of the best leveling guides available at the moment.  Yes, there are a few others out there but they do not compare to the Aeon guide, hands down the Aeon guide is probably the most useful ebook I have ever bought.

Let’s began by taking a look at the Aeon guides website. By looking at it we can tell that it has a professional look and feel to it. It appears to be long and easy to follow as well as descriptive on what bundles you can purchase. Whether it is both sides of the forces or just one, you have the choice to buy whichever one you prefer.

I remember that there used to be a lot of talk and ranting going on about this guide as a lot of player were leveling up super-fast and people wanted to know how. The professional gamer who wrote this eBook was actually accused of cheating and unfair play because of how fast he was leveling up through the game. The fact is, he is 100% legit and just knows how to play the game. The nice part about this is he made the guide to help out other players and help them be the dominate force.

Is it a Scam ?

No! The guide is tested and there are no monthly fees, plus all future updates are completely free.

Inside the Guide

  • How to level up with ease
  • Proper character build
  • How to correctly build for PVP and dominate other players
  • The right way to use your credit to level up 5 times faster than others
  • How to choose the right abilities for your character
  • Professional support to help you out if in need

The point is there might be other guides that do the same thing, but the Aeon guide does it faster and offers amazing step by step instructions, perfect for new players. Because of this the Aeon guide cuts the learning curve in half which means you level up quicker and smarter.

The Reasons Why Aeon Guide Rules

  1. Easy to follow, great step by step instructions
  2. Detailed pictures easy to understand
  3. Professional video guide to walk you through each level
  4. Professional support

If you’re like me and are looking to get the most out of the game in the least amount of time make sure to check this guide out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. However, since promises can be broken and if for some reason you did not like the Aeon guide you get 60 days money back guarantee, with this in mind you’d be a fool to pass it up.


Just like with anything there is some concerns about this guide. However, keep in mind that no guide is perfect.

Now for the cons I really can’t think of any other than when I bought the full pack it was $97 while right now its only $57 dollars. Hurry up and get your copy for $57 dollars before it jumps back up to $97. Anyway other than that I had no problems with the Aeon guide.

Aeon Guide Conclusion

If you read this far you know that I like the guide and if I had to do it all over again I would. The Aeon guide is great it will help you with classes and different skills. By using this guide you will be a pro from the moment you start. Be the leader of your group, impress your friends with dominating skills in PVP. Another cool thing is this guide works on Iphone, Ipad, android and even blackberry. This means you can be anywhere and still read and learn new tricks while on the move.

Want more Info, visit – Aeon Guide SWTOR

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